Rats & MIce

Eradicate a mouse or rat problem fast with Critterkill's range of rodenticides, more commionly known as rat and mouse poisons. Guaranteed to be the strongest legally available online and provides a quick and simple way to deal with a rodent infestation either in the home or outdoors. Critterkill's industrial-strength range of rat and mouse poisons is suitable for commercial applications such as factories, food preparation areas and farms.

CritterKill Rat & Mouse Killer Whole wheat grain impregnated with rodenticide is irresistible to all rodents and offers exceptional value along with a lethal punch while being quick and easy to use. Containing 0.0025% w/w of Brodifacoum rat and mouse poison in every grain, this stops rats and mice with a single feed and is widely used by professional pest controllers in both home and commercial applications and is guaranteed effective in situations where a tolerance may have been acquired to less-effective generation 1 rodenticides (e.g. Wharafin). Critterkill Brodifacoum grain rat and mouse poison is scientifically proven to be 5x more deadly than other manufacturer's formulations.

Critterkill's rat and mouse killer blocks are irrestisable and deadly. Containing 0.00250.0025% w/w of Difenacoum, Critterkill's unique formulation is just as lethal to rodents but has a lower toxiicity to non-target species and lowers the risk of secondary poisoning (e.g. from wild animals eating poisoned rodents.

When using any rodenticide, care must be taken to ensure the product is not accessible to children, pets or non-target wildlife species. We recommend the use of protective gloves and ALWAYS wash your hands after handling.

When using outdoors, bait stations should be used to reduce the risk of accidental poison exposure to pets and non-target animals.

To prevent second-hand poison exposure to non-target animals, collect and dispose of rodent bodies wherever possible.

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