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I just wanted to say a big thank you for these traps! I am absolutely terrified of spiders (I had to get my partner to take this photo and I couldn’t even look at it). I just bought these traps off amazon only a fortnight ago and they’ve already gave me a great deal of peace of mind. I may look a bit crazy having them in every corner of my flat but usually when I find a spider it ends up in me having a panic attack and a complete meltdown so these things have made a HUGE difference to my life. So I just wanted to say thank you and I will be a regular customer from now on!

Kaleigh-Jade / Sticky Insect Traps

Like me, if your petrified of spiders this trap is brilliant!
Being that time of year when they seem to like to invade my home I was struck to find how effective this product is!
My husband (the spider catcher) works away a lot and this certainly helps me sleep a lot better!
I placed my trap by the skerting near my bathroom where the spiders seem appear from and the next morning I had caught one!! Amazing!
As its non toxic I have no worries about my 15 month old picking it up!
Really recommend this!

Maj / Sticky Insect Traps

I used it in my loft which is usually full of spiders and I haven’t seen any new webs since.

Jackie / Spider Repeller
J Halsal

After years of trying everything to get rid of ants with no success I tried this and it worked!! House ant free-would definitely recommend this-best killer you have ever used

J Halsal / Ant Killer
CS Ives

instead of 6 or seven woodlice appearing a night,after the initial couple of days where they all come out of their hiding places.I have seen maybe two in a week..very good…..does work with patience

CS Ives / Spider Repeller